Telegram CEO Blames Recent Issues On A ‘State Actor’ Attack

As a few of you’ll have heard, Telegram had lately revel in some connectivity problems by which a DDoS assault used to be guilty. However, it sort of feels that this used to be extra than simply a standard DDoS assault, it used to be one that may have been orchestrated via a rustic, or a minimum of that’s what Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov is implying.

According to the CEO’s tweet, he claims that the dimensions of this assault suggests state actor may well be in the back of it, which means that the mod may have been subsidized up via the sources of a rustic’s govt. He additionally implied that China may have been in the back of it, because of nearly all of the IP addresses coming from the rustic, and the way it has additionally coincidentally coated up with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong ^(

There is not any method to know if this used to be a directive of China’s govt, even though it might no longer be the primary time China has been accused of doing one thing like this. Years in the past, additionally in some other sequence of protests in Hong Kong, social media that used to be as soon as freely available used to be briefly blocked as it seems that the Chinese govt didn’t need its electorate to look what used to be occurring in Hong Kong.

IP addresses coming most commonly from China. Historically, all state actor-sized DDoS (200-400 Gb/s of junk) we skilled coincided in time with protests in Hong Kong (coordinated on @telegram). This case used to be no longer an exception.

— Pavel Durov (@durov) June 12, 2019

As to why Telegram used to be focused, this is because the app makes use of encryption to offer protection to its messages from being learn, which is why it used to be preferred among protestors who may just use it to coordinate their actions with out tipping their hand to the government.

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