Rage 3? But Rage 2 just launched!

Rage 3? But Rage 2 just released! screenshot

The most up-to-date gossip surrounding Rage has me doing my best possible Jim Mora “Playoffs?! Don’t speak about playoffs! ^(https://youtu.be/U7fjDS0jKiE?t=14)” influence. Although Rage 2 ^(http://rootraw.com/review-rage-2-552045.phtml) introduced a trifling three days in the past, identity Software already desires to get to paintings on Rage 3.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter ^(https://www.rootraw.com/heat-vision/rage-2-producer-thinks-fury-road-borrowed-2018-game-1210052), identity Software’s Tim Willits expressed his eagerness to make some other Rage sequel. When requested whether or not he foresees Rage having a long term past this sport, Willits stated “I am hoping so. Yes, is the solution to that query. We’ve all the time liked this franchise as a result of it is any such a laugh atmosphere. We can do what we wish. We had been as soon as speaking about driving on massive cockroaches. What different sport are you able to have a dialog the place that is a sound dialog you’ll have?! It’s a loopy, a laugh, thrilling franchise and I am hoping we will be able to make a 3rd one once imaginable.”

In Willits’ protection, this reads like an harmless want that is predicated at the certain and entertaining tactics the sequence has advanced. Realistically, Bethesda will almost definitely greenlight a 3rd Rage (if it hasn’t already). There’s room in that Doom, Far Cry, and Borderlands are all nonetheless wildly a success, and Rage 2 turns out like an inane mashup of the three.

But, even supposing it is unofficial and fully off-the-cuff, it is too early to begin excited about Rage 3. We want time to respire. We want time to play Rage 2. Give it a pair years, and folks will pass “You know, I may just truly opt for some other Rage sport. The remaining one was once a laugh!” Then, BAM! Hit ’em with the trilogy.

‘Rage 2’ Studio Director on Creating a “Fun” Apocalypse, ‘Mad Max’ Influences ^(https://www.rootraw.com/heat-vision/rage-2-producer-thinks-fury-road-borrowed-2018-game-1210052) [The Hollywood Reporter]