Minecraft might be the best-selling game of all-time now

Minecraft might be the best-selling game of all-time now screenshot

When Microsoft shelled out $2.5 billion to shop for Minecraft ^(http://rootraw.com/it-s-official-microsoft-bought-mojang-creator-of-minecraft-281186.phtml) again in 2018, everybody knew why the value used to be so steep. Minecraft is one of the most well liked video video games on the planet, a block-building system that totally prints cash.

We have new context as to precisely how a hit it’s been — all in a moderately little while, too. As section of Minecraft‘s 10-year anniversary birthday celebration, Microsoft has showed it is sitting at 176 million lifetime gross sales. That’s a staggering quantity. According to this record ^(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games), it is sufficient to have handed Tetris as the best-selling game of all-time.

The Tetris factor is difficult, regardless that. Tetris used to be remaining reported to have reached 170 lifetime gross sales, however that used to be again in 2018. There are not up to date figures to replicate how shut Minecraft and Tetris actually are. However, 100 million of Tetris‘ gross sales got here from early cell units ^(https://maximejohnson.com/techno/2018/01/tetris-atteint-les-100-millions-de-telechargements-payants-et-une-petite-histoire-du-jeu/), so it is believable that quantity has grown considerably. 

Regardless of the specifics, there is no denying that Minecraft is an absolute juggernaut. The global round Minecraft is handiest rising too, as Microsoft has masses of tasks in the works — like the just-announced AR game that is very similar to Pokemon Go ^(http://rootraw.com/minecraft-earth-is-the-new-pokemon-go-like-ar-game-from-the-minecraft-universe-553979.phtml), the cooperative dungeon-crawling spin-off, and a loose browser model. Not unhealthy for a sandbox complete of a host of blocks.

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