LTE not working? Here is what you can do.

4G LTE signal 2

Has your LTE connection ^( been letting you down in recent times? Or stopped running all in combination? Don’t fear! There are quite a lot of fixes you can check out prior to blowing up your cellular service’s buyer fortify line.

The very first thing you will have to know, alternatively, is that 4G and LTE ^( are two various things, in spite of suppliers steadily bundling them in combination. LTE if truth be told reaches decrease most speeds than “true 4G” does. So, if you are most effective seeing the 4G icon as an alternative of 4G LTE on your standing bar, that doesn’t point out a worse connection. Quite the opposite. If you are visiting or simply moved a large town, your community would possibly have true 4G features and speeds, so no repair is important.

If you are losing right down to 3G or LTE disappears in acquainted places, alternatively, the fault might lie on your telephone or your community. Here is what you can do if LTE is not running to your telephone.

Turn aircraft mode off and on

Sometimes the obvious repair is probably the most dependable one. If your cellular information ^( is giving you hassle, one of the primary issues you will have to check out is turning aircraft mode off and on. You can do that just by dragging down the notification bar and tapping at the aircraft icon, or you can do it thru Settings.

toggline airplane mode

Paths can range reasonably relying your Android model and get in touch with producer, however you can normally allow Airplane mode by way of going to Settings > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode. Turn it on for a minimum of a few seconds, then disable it. In numerous circumstances your LTE connection problems will likely be long gone.

Restart your tool

If toggling aircraft mode didn’t remedy your drawback, it’s time for any other attempted and true step — restarting your tool. Simply press and cling the ability button of your smartphone after which faucet Restart. Wait a few seconds and switch it again on. Check your standing icon, but additionally take a look at the velocity of your LTE connection by way of opening some web sites or downloading some smaller apps.

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Make positive the appropriate community mode is enabled

Depending to your smartphone and service, you will have to have no less than three connection varieties – 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE or simply LTE. Usually, your tool will check out to connect with the quickest possibility when to be had, but when you’ve been tinkering together with your settings or lately put in an replace, that would possibly want to be adjusted manually. Here is do it:

  • Go to Settings, then faucet on Mobile Network.
  • Select Network mode. A pop-up record of most well-liked modes will seem.
  • Tap at the auto or LTE possibility.

selecting network mode

Take out and readjust your SIM card

If not one of the steps above did the trick, the issue would possibly lie in an ill-positioned SIM card. Eject it and in moderation reposition it in its tray. Be cautious when placing it again into your tool. Once you’re finished, your LTE connection will have to be again to customary.

Check if you’re the use of the proper SIM slot

Certain dual-SIM telephones most effective fortify LTE in one of the two to be had SIM slots. If you plugged the SIM within the fallacious one with out figuring out, it’ll save you LTE from running. Try shifting the SIM card to the opposite slot.

Reset community settings

If you attempted all the above, however not anything modified, it’s time to take a reasonably extra drastic step. Resetting your community settings. Here is how you can do it:

  • Head to Settings, then to find both Reset or Backup & reset. Tap on it.
  • From the record, faucet Network settings reset. Keep in thoughts that this step will erase all community settings, together with stored Wi-Fi networks, paired Bluetooth units and so forth. If you are positive you wish to continue faucet Reset Settings.
  • You will likely be requested to go into your PIN if you have one. Do so and ensure resetting your community settings.

network setting reset android oreo


Once you’ve finished this, wait a few mins — new community settings will have to be picked up by way of your telephone routinely. If not anything occurs, a excellent outdated reboot is at all times an possibility, however on the finish your LTE connection will have to be again to customary. Factory reset is at all times an possibility too, however don’t lodge to it if you haven’t attempted different steps first.

Contact your cellular service

If you’ve attempted the entirety else at the record and not anything appeared to repair your drawback, it’s time to touch your cellular service. You can at all times accomplish that on social media, however occasionally a excellent outdated name would possibly cope with your considerations higher. Here are the client fortify numbers of the main US suppliers:

  • Verizon Wireless: ^(

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