Google Keep finally gets a dark mode, but it’s more of a ‘grey mode’

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According to Android Police ^(, Google is finally updating its Keep note-taking app ^( with a dark mode. However, it’s no longer a true dark mode that makes use of an OLED ^( show’s inky blacks.

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Instead, Keep’s dark mode ^( turns maximum of the UI into two other sunglasses of grey. That may disappoint lovers of absolute black, but the use of grey is if truth be told higher on your eyes. The distinction between grey and white isn’t as stark because the distinction between black and white. As such, your eyes will more simply alter to the grey background.

There’s even a get advantages with regards to clarity. Using absolute black make textual content scrolling and fast actions jittery on OLED presentations ^( Meanwhile, the use of dark grey doesn’t display just about as a lot jitter because of each pixel being on.

Screenshot of Google Keep's dark mode 1.
Screenshot of Google Keep's dark mode 3.
Screenshot of Google Keep's dark mode 2.

To that finish, Keep’s dark mode tones down the observe colours to keep away from burning your retinas. The simplest section of Keep that is still untouched via the dark mode is the drawing mode.

Keep’s dark mode appears to be a server-side addition to model of the app. The replace will have to roll out quickly throughout the Play Store.

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