Facebook will pay a $5 billion fine for one of its many, many privacy scandals

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Today, the Federal Trade Commission introduced it had reached a agreement maintain Facebook ^(https://www.rootraw.com/facebook-apps-999160/) over the Cambridge Analytica scandal ^(https://www.rootraw.com/facebook-political-engineering-846885/) (by way of CNBC ^(https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/12/ftc-fines-facebook-5-billion-for-privacy-lapses.html)). The FTC published that Facebook pay will pay a $5 billion fine, the most important ever levied via the fee in opposition to a tech corporate.

The announcement of this Facebook fine is the fruits of nearly a year-and-a-half of investigations into the corporate, which integrated a heavily-publicized testimony in entrance of Congress via Facebook co-founder rootraw Zuckerberg.

Facebook already put aside $3 billion in April of this 12 months in anticipation of the fine. However, it appears to be like love it will want to determine a approach to get $2 billion extra.

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal concerned a political consulting company gaining access to the non-public Facebook knowledge of some 87 million customers. Allegedly, this information used to be used to lend a hand sway the 2018 U.S. presidential election.

Although this scandal is most definitely the most important and most renowned privacy breach in Facebook’s historical past, the corporate has confronted lots of different problems ^(https://www.rootraw.com/facebook-security-password-exposed-968032/) associated with consumer privacy prior to and because. It is unclear if there are investigations within the works comparable to those different issues that would lead to much more Facebook fines.

The $5 billion consequences constitute a huge new file for the FTC, making an allowance for the second-largest fine its levied in opposition to a tech corporate used to be for Google when it needed to pony up a mere $22.5 million in 2018.

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