Exiled CF PH VN INDO CHiT Updated to v4.3 Updated MAY 18 2019

CrossFire Philippines is the Philippine localization model of CF for Filipinos. CFPH used to be printed in 2009 by way of Gameclub Philippines and makes use of eCoin as in-game money foreign money.

Although CFPH is a Philippine model, CFPH’s phrase shows (like UI, names, bulletins, and many others.) don’t seem to be of their Filipino language. Instead, CFPH makes use of CFNA’s UI and script for the show phrases in-game.

CrossFire VN Chit (2.3.1) https://mega.nz/#!mogngQpb!ew7Pe2eSza21IDeYDiFQiKwPBYMdG3CQl8w2lgRbQNA ^(https://mega.nz/#!mogngQpb!ew7Pe2eSza21IDeYDiFQiKwPBYMdG3CQl8w2lgRbQNA)
CrossFire PH Chit (V4.3) https://mega.nz/#!SshFUQhb!Uy9iwAD16NQ0iyTNxOX9vU0XmISBnoJxQoRo-VotebM ^(https://mega.nz/#!SshFUQhb!Uy9iwAD16NQ0iyTNxOX9vU0XmISBnoJxQoRo-VotebM)
CrossFire Indonesia Chit (V1.8) : https://mega.nz/#!Dth1BQoS!vB8ZcwjWoJYqw4W9YqOb82J11g-Tnt6URI6KOMgouxY ^(https://mega.nz/#!Dth1BQoS!vB8ZcwjWoJYqw4W9YqOb82J11g-Tnt6URI6KOMgouxY)