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Sleipnir Portable

Sleipnir Portable, Advanced Web browser for Windows!

“…Sleipnir has a radically different UI to any other browser you’ve likely ever used. … One of the main selling points of Sleipnir is that it handles fonts extremely well… with the demise of Safari for Windows, Sleipnir marks the first re-entry into bringing OS X style fonts to a Windows web browser.” —Paul Ferson, (26th Jul 2018)

SleipnirPortable_6.2.12_on_Chrome_66.0.3359.139.paf ^(
Size: 265 MB (278,753,280 bytes) Packed Size: 82.7 MB (86,736,896 bytes)
MD5: B319E94A8E0DC4E43D8CFD453151EFC2

More releases... ^( releases... ^(

NPAPI-enabled Sleipnir build  Sleipnir for Windows XP (NPAPI-enabled [Flash, Silverlight, Java] build) — Legacy Release

SleipnirPortable_6.1.7_on_Chrome_42.0.2311.152_rev_2.paf ^(
Size: 229 MB (240,128,000 bytes) Packed Size: 66.3 MB (69,615,616 bytes)
MD5: 9B738337FDFD8B8F948E10F5C507D0C8

Portable plugins

  • Flash player is included.
  • How to get newer portable plugins? Flash Player ^( ^( ^(
  • More in the help.htm…

NPAPI-friendly browsers

  • The NPAPI-build can detect NPAPI (Java, Silverlight, etc.) plugins!
  • If you still use NPAPI plugins, install IE Tab addon ^( or use
    • 32 bit: Maelstrom ^( (Iron 39) ^( Browser for PC ^( (Chromium-based), pcxFirefox ^(, or
    • 64 bit: pcxFirefox ^( ^(

    DIY/Do It Yourself: Upgrade to the Latest Release

    Requirements 7-Zip ^(, NPP/Notepad++ ^( or other text editor, Launcher Generator/PAL ^(, Installer/PAI ^(

    1. Get the latest portable app. template ^(, and extract the content with 7-Zip.
    2. Get the latest Sleipnir release ^(—get the installer not the zip package.
    3. Get the latest Adobr Flash Player portable ^(
    4. Put it in the same folder as the extracted template, in our example C:TEST, then extract the installer by following this guide ^(
    5. Move all the license .rtf files from the extracted embedded folder to C:TESTSleipnirPortableAppSleipnirdocumentsetc folder, Move licenses
    6. Move all {app} folder contents to AppSleipnir folder, Move {app} to AppSleipnir
    7. Move all {pf}Fenrir IncCommon Files folder contents to AppSleipnirCommon Files folder, Move Common Files
      skip any overwrite, Skip overwrite
    8. Extract the 32 bit Adobr Flash Player portable pepflashplayer.dll to AppSleipnirplugins folder.
    9. Get the latest version number and the base Chromium version ^( from Sleipnir website, Get Chromium version
    10. Browse to SleipnirPortableAppAppInfo and open appinfo.ini file with NPP. Replace the [Version] section with the latest version number. Make sure the PackageVersion entry is in 4 place digit, eg.,
      DisplayVersion=6.2.12 on Chrome 66.0.3359.139
    11. Run PAL, paste the template folder address C:TESTSleipnirPortable, and click Go—a new launcher will be created, Create new launcher
    12. Test the new launchers by following this guide ^(
    13. When all is OK, then delete the SleipnirPortableData folder and run PAI, paste the package folder address C:TESTSleipnirPortable, and click Go—to create the installer package. Create installer
    14. Use the installer package to upgrade your portable application. Don’t forget to at least backup your Data folder before any upgrade 🙂
    15. If you find any changes that’s not handled by the launcher, consult the PAL help file to modify the launcher yourself or ask for our paid upgrade support ^(

    Portability Notes

    • Sleipnir stores some settings in Windows registry and data folders while running.
    • Flash player and other plugins (if available) writes to Windows registry and data folders while running.
    • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

    About the Publisher

    Get Sleipnir on your mobile gadgets! ^(

    Motivate Sleipnir development, follow them around the Web!