[5.0.2] [KERNEL 3.10.54+] AMIGO PLUS OS V3

[5.0.2] Amigo plus OS  V3 (29/08/2018) kernel 3.10.54+ for mt6582

All running
Add night mode
Update gallery (gorgeous mode, trash, hidden supervisor…)
New battery icon and fast atmosphere icon
Update gapps
Update are living wallpaper
Update VLEngine
Update SuperSU
Update Webview

Add LCD density
Add new theme app (theme, image, dynamic, clock, font, ringtone on-line)
Add new launcher (clock 3-d, climate 3-d, double click on on display or clock display for flip off display,…)
Add new device supervisor (new energy choices: darkish theme, minimum desktop)
Delete some apps for optimize device
Change colour icon on settings
Blur fresh apps
Change transparent all fresh apps icon
Change calculator shortcut possibility into theme shortcut possibility
Change contact, pretend name, digicam shortcut icon
Add droop possibility
Move hotknot to Advanced settings

Add theme to settings (take image for exchange colour)
Add hidden energy button on left standing bar
Add N settings
Add blur notification
Add N notification
Add N empty fresh app
Add VietNam language
Face lock display
Traffic community
Smart gestures
Anti robbery

Link rom V3:  http://destyy.com/ww6zOH ^(http://destyy.com/ww6zOH)

Link rom V2: http://destyy.com/ww6xjV ^(http://destyy.com/ww6xjV)
You wish to be on any lollipop 5.0 primarily based rom ahead of you flash this rom.
Don’t exchange construct.prop (handiest exchange liquid crystal display density and qemu.hw.mainkeys)
Amigo devs/groups
Minh Quoc